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Charcoal-Seaweed Green 20 Oz

$82.99 $124.99
  • Superior quality
    HYDY water bottle control in line with the Swiss SGS safety standards. Tritan bottle material
    for glass-like clarity and lightweight carrying, non-BPA (BPA free) and other harmful substances, it will not have any chemical change, easy to clean and more resistant to corrosion, allowing you to drink healthy water without worries.
    Temperature resistant scope:  -4 °F (-20°C) to 212 °F (100 °C)
  • Fruit Infuser Water Bottle
    Create your own naturally flavored fruit infused water, juice, iced tea, lemonade. Giving you a healthy and less expensive alternative to juice, beverage and sports drinks
  • Fashion Partner
    Fashion bottle design with ergonomic handle, allowing you to carry it easily both outdoors or indoors, easy to use, it is your most dazzling fashion partner. Of course, treating the Earth and your family well is the most fashionable attitude. Macaron-color silicone cover allows you to change color with your emotions.

  • Green Living 
    Sixty billion plastic bottles each year are dumped into our oceans and landfills and this continues to pollute the environment, together with twenty thousand times of waster of water.
    For now, carry a bottle with sense of design which is easy to use, let us save our Earth where we live and reduce waste of water and other resources. 




    10% of Every purchase Buys Someone a Meal Somewhere around the world.

    The Daily Boutik Family has come together to build a nourished World. With the campaign "FEED IN NEED," we intend to support the needy with meals and address the grave issue of hunger. Every Purchase by our Customers will go a long way towards feeding 10 Million Children.

    The Founder and Director of Daily Boutik have been conducting programs on self-development to help people unleash their inner strength. Over the past 21 years, he has served as a Life Coach to millions of people in every walk and talk of life. He believes in benevolence and inspires people to do good. 

    He believes that Food and Education are the two main aspects of life and his aim by the end of 2025 is to be able to feed 10 million people across the globe, currently, we as the family of Daily Boutik have not been able to make a mark in the world but we believe that with your help we will be able to do so and by the end of 2025 would have created a cycle which will help children stay healthy and enjoy their childhood

    Let's Make this World a Huger Free Place

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